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How to be on a “diet” and indulge yourself

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Diet & pleasure

It all starts when you have breakfast, and if possible, on a day when you are not in a rush. That is why Sunday is particularly recommended! To start going on a diet during the weekend, what a strange idea!? Not really, as you will see

Breakfast, the ideal moment 

Why begin your diet when you have breakfast? Because that is the moment when your mind is at well-rested, not “polluted” by the worries of the day.

No matter what your breakfast is made of, make sure it is composed of both solid and liquid elements: for instance, coffee with buttered slices of bread. Why? The goal is that you become fully aware of and intensely experience the “magic” residing in the ingestion of food.

Eat slowly! 

Bite your food and chew until it is reduced to water. Nothing else other than mastication should matter during this awareness process

Once this is done, swallow as you understand that you provide the material your body needs to survive.

Now, take a mouthful of coffee. But instead of swallowing it immediately, do as follows (provided that it is not scalding hot, of course): chew it lengthily as if it were some solid food. Then, swallow it and taste it as if it were the first time in your life.

“Chew your beverages and drink your food”, that is what an old Japanese sage used to tell me and… “you will reach eternal life”. 

Virtues of this method  

If you get into the habit of proceeding as I have just taught you every time you eat, you will never have to go on a diet again since you should quickly lose weight and never regain any again. 

What’s more, I can guarantee that your ideas will be clearer and that you will sleep better, which will make your life sweeter, and your days better…