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Fall Equinox – meanings

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Does the fall equinox have a special meaning?

The Fall equinox corresponds to the specific astral event that sees the sun cross the equator. As a result, days and nights have the same duration. But what else happens on this very day? 

A major date in the calendar

The equinox occurs twice a year: during spring (Spring equinox, or vernal equinox) and during fall (fall equinox).

The last equinox usually occurs between September 22 and September 23, marking fall’s beginning in the Northern Hemisphere. On this specific date, the rays of the Sun fall perpendicularly on the Earth’s rotation axis. Consequently, days and nights will last the same amount of hours wherever you may be on the planet.

Deep meaning of the fall equinox

Beyond the fact that it marks the beginning of a unique astral event, the fall equinox is above all the sign of significant changes to come: it happens when winter gets closer.

The equinox is a symbolic event, one that is celebrated in many countries around the world.

According to Christian tradition, the fall equinox is placed under the protection of the Archangel Michael – who, as legend holds, holds the weighing scales when the time comes to weigh souls on the day of reckoning.

This is perhaps the reason why the fall equinox is seen as a time to take stock and put things in perspective.
It is the time when the summer sun leaves, the time when winter brings darkness with it. This event is an invitation to meditate on our past deeds and draw conclusions.

Many spiritual practices all around us are related to the fall equinox. Some of those who are fond of meditation take part in meditation sessions especially dedicated to this event with one aim in mind: being in harmony with the specific energy released by the phenomenon. Such practices usually revolve around the words “evocation” and “reflection”.

It is therefore a favorable time to meditate, to put things in perspective, a time of the year placed under the sign of maturity.

As plants get ready to slumber in preparation for the winter, why not introspect?

You should know that from an energy point of view, the equinox is usually an interesting and most favorable time because the yin and yang energies (the feminine and masculine energies that can be found inside each of us) are perfectly balanced. You don’t get the chance to take advantage of such an energy balance every day, so make the most of it… Take stock of your life, of your priorities, and analyze your experiences with a mind a peace.