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Should Friday the 13th be celebrated or feared?

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Is Friday the 13th an extremely lucky or a negative day?

Some look forward to it in order to play the lottery. Others fear it so much that they do not do anything on that day. Is Friday the 13th an extremely lucky day or a negative day?

Negative superstition

Friday the 13th is seen by many as a negative day, the day when misfortune takes its toll. This is all because of the Biblical tradition and the fact that Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday. The number 13 also calls to mind the 13th apostle, Judas.

13 is also the number standing in opposition with harmony. That’s why it may be viewed as a destructive number. In the Greek and Roman mythology, the number 12 was synonymous with perfect beauty, with harmony and perfection. There were 12 Olympian Gods, 12 constellations, and 12 star signs. 12 was therefore the number of perfect order.

The number 13 comes after the “number of harmony”, destroying perfection and causing chaos.

As you can see, there are many reasons why Friday the 13th can be viewed as a day when you should avoid taking important actions to make sure you are not struck by misfortune.

What if it was a lucky day?

Since time immemorial, misfortune and good fortune have interacted on this date, which appears in our calendars at least once a year.

To some, Friday the 13th is a genuine godsend. Far from being a negative day, they see it as an exceptional day when your life can take a different course, the day when everything can turn around in your favor. This is why it can also be the perfect day to play games of chance, such as the lottery.

As a result, you can be confident on any Friday the 13th and believe in the exceptionally unique events that can happen on this day!

Many cultures see Friday the 13th as an extremely powerful symbol of luck… And that’s probably not a coincidence… Egyptians, for instance, just like Chinese people see the number 13 as the most favorable number there is.

In Chinese, several words rhyme with 13, forming expressions such as “destined to be prosperous” and “lead a happy life”. For Chinese people, the number 4 is a very negative number whereas the number 13 is joyfully celebrated…

Friday the 13th is not a day like any other. It is a special date, one that is pregnant with meaning and brimming with a fabulous potential for luck. At least, that’s what some say. So, if the stars are favorable on Friday the 13th, why not take advantage of this day?