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How to be fully aware in your life

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How to be fully aware in your life

Noon is the time when the Sun reaches its zenith. Its blinding light is a symbol of full awareness. This is thus the time when you will have every chance to achieve the kind of “Awareness” I want to initiate you to.

A little full awareness exercise

Choose something you are not used to doing, no matter what it is. It might be baking a good cake or gardening. The aim of this exercise is to flood your awareness of the task you are about to perform. Nothing matters apart from your cake or the plot of land you are working on. Each of your movements must receive your full attention as if your life depended on it. With my cake example, take a large bowl, mix the ingredients and carefully observe the combination. Pay attention to your every gesture.

Feel how wonderful it is to have all these ingredients and tool at hand. Imagine the many centuries of evolution Human Beings needed to manage to craft it. Now put your dough into a baking pan, with the same level of attention, with precise movements, as if nothing were more important in your life. When you are fully aware of all these little things, they will all become what is most precious to you, because nothing else will exist but the cake you are baking.

Live in the moment, live in eternity

You will then have achieved something great: living in the present, enjoying the moment! And if, from this little full awareness exercise, you get used to doing it every single day and hour of your life, then you will achieve absolute happiness because once again: the moment is eternal! But even for more immediate concerns anyway, one thing is certain: you will have a good day.