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Magical Plants

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Magical Plants

Undeniably, plants have magical powers and can be used anytime you need help. They are used in almost all religious, magical, and spiritual ceremonies around the world.  You too can use them on a daily basis to help you for many purposes.

Using Magical Plants

If you thought that using magical plants was the exclusive domain of wizards, sorcerers, spiritual masters and other prophets, you were wrong! Everyone can benefit by themselves and for themselves from the amazing magical and spiritual properties of plants.

Some uses of magical plants

Of course, this article is too short to list all the magical uses of plants because even the thickest books are not enough for that.

Therefore, I am going to give you some common uses for magical plants that you can try straight away without any difficulty.

Among the most common plants and their uses, we have:

  • Facilitate rest, relaxation, prayer practices, ceremonies and rituals: Burn acacia.
  • Attract fortune and protection from hostile people and evil spirits: Carry garlic on your person.
  • For a lasting relationship and to attract love: use verbena during rituals and/or carry it on you when you are trying to seduce. Also, when used during magical practices, rose attracts love and encourages the expression of sensual desires.
  • Attract fortune and happiness: carry rosemary on your person and/or place it under your pillow while you sleep.
  • Increase your creativity and find new ideas to change your life: carry a few laurel leaves on your person.
  • Protection against evil spells: put fern in your home.

Thus magical plants have many uses and, whatever your aim, you will find a plant that suits your specific wish.

Above is a non-exhaustive list of some plants for the most common uses. You can use them all without any danger. If you really believe in their power, you will benefit from the results.

The world of magical plants is open to you. If you have a specific wish to fulfill, think hard about it and do some research into the plants to use for it.

You will succeed if your intentions are positive and if you show perseverance when using them.