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Walking to feel happy

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Walking to feel happy

The following has now been demonstrated: the way we do things, the way we take action, the way we behave… all influence our psyche, and our morale too. The best way to back up this assertion is to show that it is true via a daily action: walking – and more specifically, our “gait”.

Changing your gait to… change your life

The goal is to adopt a “happy gait“: avoid taking small steps. Straighten your back, and keep your head up. Take big strides as your arms swing, a bit as if you were going to a date you had been waiting for for a long time.
Researchers are positive: adopting a happy gait really does make people happier.

Walking out in nature to boost your morale

Walking out in nature helps us relieve our stress and get rid of our negative thoughts, especially on a sunny day. To put it plainly, walking prevents us from “brooding” and plays its part in restoring our zest for life.
But it is not just our morale that improves: our physical well-being does too since it is well known that a sedentary lifestyle is its worst enemy. Any good doctor will confirm it…

Walking to develop your creativity

Recent studies show that:

  • Walking helps develop our imagination, our creativity, and our inventiveness.
  • Walking to move forward. And moving forward means progressing.

I invite you to meditate on the words of two great authors:

Montaigne: “My thoughts fall asleep if I make them sit. My mind will not budge unless my legs move it”.
Chamfort: “One never sees glory and repose walking together”…