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Salt and Angelic Magic

Have you ever tested the magic … of Salt?
Salt, veritable symbol of life, holds a major place in the history of mankind. Today, of course, it is used to enhance our meals or to preserve food, as well as in caring for the body or in seawater therapy. Salt is a natural substance whose many benefits have long been acknowledged. But there is another, less-known facet to it.
Long deemed a direct extension of White or Angelical Magic, Salt Rituals (or Salt Magic) are particularly effective for your physical and mental wellbeing. They do not call on any specific spiritual entity and are perfectly compatible with anyone's beliefs. The MAGIC OF SALT is meant for us all!
The 5 spiritual and magical virtues of salt
Mastering the magic of Salt allows you to:

  • Repel the negative energies that surround you
  • Purify your body or your living space
  • Protect your home
  • Attract good luck and money to you
  • Erase the wounds inherited from your previous lives (karmic cleansing)

Whether for your body or your living space, salt is the perfect purifying and protective element.
How to master the Magic of Salt
This is the Magic of Salt: it only mobilizes Universal Positive Forces!
True, anyone can obtain salt in all its forms. That part is very simple! However, few people are truly aware of the secrets of salt and of the rituals needed to take full advantage of all its powers.
Natural magic through Salt is within everyone’s reach. But you need to know how to implement it to make the most of its benefits. This initiatory guide reveals all the secret Powers of Salt and explains, in an easy-to-understand way, how to put them to use to attain a more harmonious life.
You will discover:

  • What salt to use
  • What Ritual will protect you
  • What Ritual will purify you
  • What Ritual will attract the positive to you in every area.

Have a taste of the magic powers of salt, and never again will you be able to do without them. The beneficial effects – on you, your home, your loved ones, your pets – of the rituals explained in this guide will amaze you because of their simplicity, but mostly because of their results.
Do you have a problem that needs solving or a project you wish to be successful? Would you like some protection, or perhaps a bit of help in matters of the heart?
The Magic of Salt can help you!
“Spice up your life; learn all about the Magic Powers of Salt right now!” Angela



Salt and Angelic Magic have enchanted my life

Clarisse, April 19, 2016

Dear Angela, This book has been a turning point in my life. I’ve always been interested in white magic, but I did not know how to do it or where to begin. Thanks to your book, I learned how to master Salt-based Angelic Magic, step by step. Your explanations are crystal clear...
Absolutely essential work

Samuel, March 28, 2016

I’d already heard about it many times, but I had never personally tested Salt-based Magic . When I saw this eBook in your store, Angela, I did not hesitate, not even a second. And I don’t regret it! Salt-based magic rituals are accessible and easy to perform. No matter what you are...

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