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Spring Equinox

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It happens once a year to mark the beginning of spring. It is the time when days and nights are equal. This event has a “twin brother”: the fall equinox. But what exactly happens during this special moment called the...

The Air Element in Astrology

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Among the various elements making up Western astrology, these four natural elements are extremely important: Earth, Fire, Water, Water. It can help you to better know who you are and who those around you are. This article looks into the...

Circle Powers

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All shapes (circles, squares, triangles...) emit vibrations that influence our environment, our bodies and our minds. The circle is one of the most symbolic shapes in the spiritual world and one of the most useful in the material world. Understanding...

Why practice Yoga?

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Although it has been practiced for many years in the West (and for centuries in India), the benefits of yoga are often little known. So what are the benefits of practicing this activity blending physical fitness and spirituality? A little...

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