Those who consult Angela share their experience

These orisons have enlightened my life!


I had never heard about the World of the Angels before. I was apprehensive of not knowing how to speak to them, especially to ask them for help in such an intimate part of my life. All my fear melted away when I read the first pages of the book. [...]

It gave me back hope


It’s hard for a woman to be on your own when you’re over 50. (...) In truth, before I met you, I had become a bitter woman, complaining about my own fate. I received an email from you one evening and something magical happened… When I read what you wrote, [...]

I have found my soul mate


... Angela you were right and I was lying to myself... It’s true that I was married, but I wasn’t happy. Today (...) I have found my soul mate. I wish I could have met you sooner

My destiny has changed overnight


My destiny has changed overnight. Today everyone looks up to me, and for the first time in their life my parents told me how proud they were. Thank you Angela, you and the angels have changed my life forever.

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