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The 9 Orisons of Love of the Angels

When disappointment keeps piling up in love, you feel as if you were not "made for" Love. And this is absolutely wrong. Everyone is entitled to True Love. The first step to a better life lies in the hope of being happy in love one day. Once you walk on that path, loneliness becomes a thing of the past.

Indeed, Angels particularly care about sentimental happiness for human beings. Nothing delights them more than knowing they are happy and in love. They listen to every broken heart, and willingly help any broken soul. This is why I wrote this collection. "The 9 orisons of Love of the Angels" are prayers of love that are sent to the Angels. These powerful sacred texts let you summon them to ask for their help and benevolence.



These orisons have enlightened my life!

Evelyne, March 11, 2016

I had never heard about the World of the Angels before. I was apprehensive of not knowing how to speak to them, especially to ask them for help in such an intimate part of my life. All my fear melted away when I read the first pages of the book. The explanations...
Thanks to this book I believe in love again

Brice, April 7, 2016

I had my share of heartaches and romantic disappointments, just like anyone else. But my last breakup was particularly painful and hard to cope. I could not recover. And yet I had tried many things, but nothing would help me pull through. And then I found this eBook. I admit that I...

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