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Attract Abundance

Angels for money exist. Prayers for money exist. However, in addition to all the angelic help dedicated to abundance that I can offer you elsewhere, what would you say to having a quick and easy way to attract abundance into your life? ...Imagine if MONEY was Drawn to You like a MAGNET when you WATCH A VIDEO with Hypnotic and Captivating Patterns…

A wonderful journey to wealth is about to begin for you…


You know, when you change your thoughts and points of view about money and start earning some, a new horizon opens before you.

The roots of many hardships regarding money can be found in the part of the mind’s psyche called the subconscious mind or inner being. As a matter of fact, even with the help of the greatest money angel, even if you know the most powerful prayer for money of the universe… today it is known that your Unconscious Mind dictates your behavior, and this is where you find the source of many blocks, obstacles, and limitations many people are suffering from, caused by a subconscious mind soaked with limiting beliefs. These in turn condition the (inappropriate, unrewarding) ways to be, to react, or to feel...

Like money prayers, angelic abundance reprogramming aims to help you by seeding your Subconscious Mind with positive angelic messages and constructive convictions regarding money. When these new beliefs and convictions are integrated into the core of your psyche, the changes you are looking for happen quite naturally without requiring any specific efforts because the Subconscious Mind is driving these changes on its own.

The images in the “Attract Abundance” video program are laced with messages (words and sentences) that have been especially created like invisible prayers for abundance. They reach your inner being (your soul) directly, without any interference from your Conscious Mind. This process entices your Subconscious Mind to adopt better and more constructive convictions – about yourself and your own abilities, but also about the world and about other people. From then on, improvements start to appear, first in your psyche and then in very concrete terms in your behavior and in your life.

So this is the core principle that explains why angelic abundance reprogramming is so effective: when the Subconscious Mind has accepted the messages, it will produce any desired change on its own – without requiring any conscious effort.


With a simple viewing of a video, you can reprogram your own mind to:

  • Get free from your shackles in an incredibly easy way;
  • Finally live the life you deserve;
  • Live in prosperity;
  • Acquire financial freedom and independence;
  • Raise your awareness of your own affluence;
  • Generate money in harmony with your core values.

With this Angelic Abundance video, you will finally have a chance to draw affluence and wealth into your life. It’s like having a money angel near you every day!

Some people are seemingly blessed by the Gods, and can’t help being successful. A big house, one or several nice cars, holidays and travels abroad many times a year, poster children who are successful in turn… in other words, a dream life, one that anyone would love to have. Because there is no such thing as luck or random chance… We all deserve the best, so it is only proper to suggest it to oneself and receive it. Anything you focus your mind on will be drawn to you. Affluence and prosperity result from the way you think and perceive the world.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston S. Churchill


The “Attract Abundance” video program is the result of a fusion between 5 tools:

  • Visual suggestion: These are messages (words, sentences, images) laced into the video images. A video clip holds 25 images/second. Suggested messages are implemented over a maximum length of one tenth of a second, and thus they disappear too quickly to be registered consciously: they are nonetheless seen, read, and understood by your deep psyche.
  • Auditory suggestion: These are messages mingled with the music at such a low sound level that your conscious mind cannot hear them.
  • Advanced brainwave training sound technology: Specific music integrating isochronic tones.
  • Chromotherapy.
  • Sacred geometry & Bio Hypnotic Fractals: Hypnotic and captivating animated patterns.

When you ask for your "Attract Abundance" video program, you receive:

  • Your “ATTRACT ABUNDANCE” video (File format: Mp4).
  • Clear instructions to guide you on the path of your positive transformation.