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The Air Element in Astrology

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air element

Among the various elements making up Western astrology, these four natural elements are extremely important: Earth, Fire, Water, Water.
It can help you to better know who you are and who those around you are. This article looks into the Air element.

Which zodiac signs are connected to the Air?

The Air element is linked to 3 astrological signs:

  • Libra,
  • Gemini,
  • Aquarius.

The Air is associated with communication, thinking, and the abilities of the mind.

Characteristics of those born under the Air Element

Those who were born under the Air element are extremely sociable and their independence means a lot to them.
They love anything that involves communicating and they also love engaging in collective projects – both in the professional and public lives.

Emotionally speaking, they may experience mood swings. They are sometimes verbally aggressive and often find it hard to keep their cool when they are angry. Deep down, they are afraid of being abandoned.

With them, you often need to look beyond appearances because even though they may look like they are sometimes fragile, or even weak, they are in fact extremely strong innerly.

They are clever, extremely creative and imaginative. They take a keen interest in many things because they are curious. But they engage in so many activities that they often can’t get to the bottom of things.

They can adapt to any circumstances or to any people they meet, and they thrive in many fields.

Because of their mood swings, they may sometimes lead a precarious emotional life. They do their best to avoid conflicts and arguments of any kind.

As far as their health is concerned, their main weaknesses lie in their respiratory and urinary systems.