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How to be fully aware in your life

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Noon is the time when the Sun reaches its zenith. Its blinding light is a symbol of full awareness. This is thus the time when you will have every chance to achieve the kind of “Awareness” I want to initiate...

Train yourself for happiness

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Life is not always complicated. We are the ones who – most often – make it complicated. Train yourself for happiness on a daily basis and happiness will come into your life. Only if you do that carefully, of course......

Aura and chakras

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In our Western society, having a healthy Aura is not the main priority of many people. By contrast, in countries such as India or Tibet, the Aura is paid as much attention to as the body when someone is suffering....

How to turn anything into a source of wonder

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Physical activity is the healthiest exercise for our well-being. It is a just compensation for our brain activity. It is also a wonderful way to be aware of your body and locate it within the magic of space. Being aware...

The Third Eye’s Powers

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The third eye is an invisible eye... to the naked eye! It is an inner eye located between the eyebrows. It is also called "the eye of the soul" or the "eye of knowledge". It makes it possible to gain...

Turn what is negative into something positive!

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Each and every one of us has to face obstacles at some point in life. But how can we overcome these difficult times? How can we keep our chin up and see the bright side of life? Change your perspective...

Multiply your lucky opportunities!

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Attracting good luck requires you to seize any opportunity coming your way. To that end, you need to be curious and open-minded on a daily basis. Learn to multiply these opportunities for success! Listen to your gut feeling. Do not...

Believe in your lucky star!

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Believing in our lucky star means seeing life in a positive light. Such an attitude makes it possible to attract success and work toward our good fortune. Think positive! Believe in your lucky star, Believe in your success, Believe in...

Walking to feel happy

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The following has now been demonstrated: the way we do things, the way we take action, the way we behave... all influence our psyche, and our morale too. The best way to back up this assertion is to show that...

Hypnosis: A way to get better?

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The hypnotic state is, in fact, a natural state which we slip in and out of every day. And several times a day. What is a hypnotic state? In practice, it is a state in which we’re not quite aware,...

How Feng Shui can help harmonize the family

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The family unit is a place brimming with complex energies that are at times contrary, and sometimes exacerbated. Feng Shui makes it possible to harmonize these vibrations to bring more gentleness into the family, creating a better and mutual understanding....

Angel Advice: enjoy! You deserve it

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I can imagine your reaction quite clearly when you read this advice. Yes, I am telling you to “enjoy”. It most certainly has not been high on your priority list so far. And that needs to change! Think “I want...

Angel Advice: find happiness in simplicity

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The Advice I am about to give should not be taken lightly: taking care to seize every opportunity to appreciate your life is most likely one of the keys to happiness! Savor each moment of your life We can remember...

Angel advice: enjoy the moment

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You cannot change the past, but you can build the future. Between them, there is the present, the moment. This is where you should focus all your senses and attention. Happiness is found in the present The past should drive...


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