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Angel Advice: enjoy! You deserve it

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Enjoy! You deserve it

I can imagine your reaction quite clearly when you read this advice. Yes, I am telling you to “enjoy”. It most certainly has not been high on your priority list so far. And that needs to change!

Think “I want to” rather than “I have to”

There are obviously things you have to do, and you should keep doing those. But you absolutely need to find some time for your enjoyment, even if it’s only a half-hour every day. This is a fundamental right for you. Do not hesitate, and tell yourself that you are absolutely worth it. Listen to what you want, and no matter what kind of pleasure you are treating yourself to, you must learn how to enjoy it without feeling any guilt. Your daily chores will have to wait. Do you know what will happen after this moment of relaxation? You will be much more efficient to perform your duties. And they won’t be such a burden anymore.

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