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The Angels and Colors

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Can colors be used to connect with the Angels?

When attempting to connect with the Angels, the most common and widely used method is through prayer. However, there are other ways of facilitating the connection with Angels, such as through meditation. One other possibility is to use colors.

How do colors work with Angels? 

Everything in the Universe is energy. More precisely, everything emits vibrational energy at different speeds. Angels have higher vibrations than human beings, so, to facilitate the connection with the Angels, the vibration level should be adjusted as much as possible.

Because the different colors emit vibrational energy at different speeds, they are useful to connect with the Angels. Each color also represents a different purpose, making it possible to choose a color according to your purpose or reason for connecting with an Angel.

Which colors to use to connect with Angels

If we look at some of the common colors available to us, we realize that they represent most of our basic needs when connecting with the Angels. Green represents luck, growth, and fertility. Blue represents harmony, calm, and tranquility. Red is useful for boosting passion, power, and strength.

Yellow can be used to promote joy, optimism, and spirituality. White favors purity and peace. And gold leads us to enlightenment through knowledge.

How to use colors to connect with Angels

Perhaps the simplest way to use color is through your clothing, as it can envelope you from head to toe in a specific vibrational energy speed. Another way is to visualize a color in your mind when praying or meditating. If you combine the two, then you are adjusting your vibration level not only through your body, but also through your mind. 

Other ways to adjust the vibrational energy level is through candles, and crystals and stones. With candles, prefer the fully colored ones to the simply color-coated candles. When they burn, they release their vibrational energy at the speed of their color into the air, creating a field through which the Angels can contact you.

Crystals and stones also emit vibrational energy, even if they are small in size. By holding them, wearing them, or having them around you, you expose yourself to the color’s vibrational energy and open yourself up to the Angels and to a communication with them.