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Ariel, Nature’s Archangel

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Who is the Angel that protects Nature?

The Archangel Ariel is the patron angel of Nature and of all the natural elements. Ariel, meaning “Lion of God”, oversees the protection and healing of plants and animals, but also of the elements, such as water, air, fire, and earth. Ariel belongs to the Virtues Choir, which is governed by Michael.

Ariel and Protection

Ariel’s main talent and power is to protect and preserve animals, plants, and the other elements; it is also believed that this Angel rules over the order of the universe, including the planets, the moons, and the stars. We can rely on Ariel to help us forge a stronger connection to the natural world and to learn more about nature in order to help protect the Earth.

Ariel and Inspiration

Another of Ariel’s great powers is to inspire people regarding nature, motivating them to be mindful of the environment. This Angel helps us to understand, accept, and appreciate the world around us. Through Ariel we can also discover the secrets of nature and learn how to benefit from the healing power of plants and rocks on our body, mind, and soul.

Ariel and Pink Light

Ariel’s energy radiates through the pale pink light rays within the spectrum of angel colors. Likewise, the crystal that vibrates at the same energy frequency is rose quartz. We can use pale pink and rose quartz to help us communicate with Ariel.

Prayers to Ariel

Praying to Ariel provides us with the ability to use nature as a source to focus on the positive things and be grateful. We can call on this Angel for guidance and support regarding the protection and healing of the environment, for the courage to stand up for our beliefs, and to help us fulfill our potential. To communicate with Ariel, you can also light a pale pink candle. Take some deep breaths, cleanse your mind of any polluting thoughts, and focus on the purpose of your prayer.