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How to turn anything into a source of wonder

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How to turn anything into a source of wonder

Physical activity is the healthiest exercise for our well-being. It is a just compensation for our brain activity. It is also a wonderful way to be aware of your body and locate it within the magic of space.

Being aware and full of wonder at the world

I will suggest a little and seemingly very simple exercise, but it will change the way you will look at things for good. You will look at the world from another angel, with the eyes of a child that will make you aware that any single thing might be a source of wonder. I invite you to take a walk in nature, in the morning, if you can. But not just any walk: strive to “feel” your own body as you walk. Try to take every step in full awareness. Feel the weight of your own body, its density… and your mind will feel lighter! You should also focus on your breathing, and the “breath” of the world around you. Be aware that nature around you (trees, birds, plants, insects, rivers), that everything around you breathes on the same rhythm as you do.

Be connected to Nature

Use each of your senses. Don’t forget to rejoice when you see the sunlight through the foliage, or hear the rain falling on the grass, or feel the wind on your skin. Fill your heart with the song of the birds, take a moment to caress the trunk of a birch tree, feel humus coming to you. Turn anything into a source of wonder. If you do it, you will learn that each moment in life is a gift from Heaven. Your health will improve, so will your sleep. You will tackle life from another angle, with less apprehension and more serenity.

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