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Be Happy Every Single Day

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How to be happy every single day?

One of the keys to happiness is to be happy as soon as you wake up. That’s how you can prevent misfortune from setting in and spreading its poison in your mind. Then, if you keep that state of mind all day long, wellbeing will be yours for the taking.

Where to start?

Haven’t you ever heard that “a good day starts after a good night’s sleep”? This is what many scientific studies have shown.

It’s easy to understand that you will be tired during the day if you did not sleep well if you woke up many times at night, or – worse still – if insomnia got the better of you. Your body won’t have rested enough so it won’t be filled with energy!

Get ready for the day ahead… the day before

That’s right… get ready for the day ahead, the day before by doing everything you can to sleep well. If you do sleep well, you will obviously be less tired – both physically and psychologically. A good night’s sleep will recharge your mind and body, filling them with energy.

The first thing to do is to go to sleep in a pleasant environment – a quiet room with the color, the decorations, drawings and/or paintings you like on the walls…

Then, regularly go to bed at a reasonable time and make sure you have enough time ahead of you to sleep enough so your body can have the rest it needs. Everyone is different. Some say adults need to sleep less than children, but that’s not always true. Some are fit and ready after four hours of sleep while others need eight hours. Just make sure you get enough restorative sleep.

Do not eat too much and eat at least a few hours before you go to bed. Avoid going to sleep while you are digesting or after some copious meal because you would have trouble digesting and falling asleep.

Going to bed with worries on your mind because of the problems you couldn’t resolve or because you think about the tasks you will have to perform the next day won’t be useful. No need to think about them because they would only prevent you from quickly falling asleep with a mind at peace.

This is why you should do everything you can to think positive, think about the resolution of your problems.

If you can’t find a solution while trying to fall asleep, tell yourself that things always look better in the morning and that the solutions you couldn’t find will appear the next day. This technique known as nocturnal incubation brings wonderful results!

Nocturnal incubation in practice

The incubation technique consists of detailing the problem in your mind and asking your mind to find the solution. Once this is done, you should no longer think about the problem in question so move on to another thought.

In most cases, the right solutions will appear shortly after that. If you use the nocturnal incubation technique, you will usually find answers to your questions when you wake up the next day or a bit later during the day.

When you wake up, think – for a few minutes – about how your pleasant and successful your day will be. That’s maybe at this very moment that the solutions you need will emerge from the depths of your mind.

Before you get out of bed, relax your body by stretching every limb (your arms, your legs, all your body…). That’s what cats do when they wake up… Doing so will relieve any psychological and muscular tension.

Leave all kinds of pressure behind, wake up quietly, and appreciate everything that surrounds you. Then, implement your action plan step by step with the positive solutions you developed before you fell asleep or while you slept.

The more you get used to this technique, the more often you will get out of the right side of the bed, the more you will be happy, and the more you will manage to improve your life. You may get as well, the help of an astrology psychic reading.

As time passes by, you will have fewer and fewer problems to deal with, and you will find it easier to solve them because you will no longer tackle them as dreadful and unfair events, but rather as trials to overcome so as to become stronger.