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Channeling Angels

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What is Angel Channeling?

Many people attempt to channel angels for very different reasons. But what is it and how do you go about channeling Angels? Although it can take a little time and patience, anyone can do it, and it can be a very rewarding process.

What to expect when channeling Angels

When you start the process of Angel channeling, you are in fact calling on an Angel and establishing a connection with him, so that you can channel his energy, advice, thoughts, and feelings through you. The level of connection is different in each person and can vary according to the effort put into it.

Successfully channeling Angels may be a time-consuming process, and one that requires some patience. In fact, it may often be difficult to distinguish between your own thoughts and feelings and those being channeled to you by an Angel, but you will eventually learn to see the difference.

How to prepare for Angel channeling

Before you begin, you should prepare not only your mind, but also your body. Because it entails high vibrational energy, your mind and body should be clean. This means avoiding highly processed foods, sugar, and alcohol, as well as other addictive substances. Taking a bath or shower is also a good idea.

You can also prepare the space around you by burning candles, or incense. Likewise, you can surround yourself with the color of the Angel you are channeling; or use the Angel’s stone or crystal. This will favor the attraction of the vibrational energy of the Angel.

The process of channeling Angels

The very best way to channel an Angel is through meditation. Isolate yourself in a quiet space and start clearing your mind of any unwanted thoughts. Then, start focusing on your breathing. Breath in and out slowly, at a steady pace, repeating the cycle over and over. If you are not yet comfortable with meditation, you can resort to a guided meditation, which you can easily find online.

When you feel you are calm, start calling on the Angel of your choice. Let him know you are seeking his energy and guidance. You can even say a little prayer to him. Say his name, either out loud or to yourself, and think of the questions or issues you would like an answer to. Become aware of the feelings or thoughts that arise, and don’t fight them. Trust your instincts.

The outcome of Angel channeling

Once you have finished your meditation session, look back and analyze the feelings and thoughts you had. Write them down, so you can remember them and use them as a guide.

With time and practice you will see that channeling Angels becomes easier. The Angel’s vibrational energy will reach you more quickly and you will be able to find the answers, or the relief, you are seeking.