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Secrets of chiromancy: meaning of palm lines

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Secrets of chiromancy: meaning of palm lines

For centuries, fortune tellers have been using chiromancy to predict the future. Those who accept to have the lines of their hands examined are often surprised by the accuracy of the revelations. You too can easily learn to interpret what you see in the palm of your hands.

The basic principles of chiromancy

Reading the lines of the hands is a relatively accessible practice. You have to analyze the folds or lines flowing through your palm, but also the general form of your hand, if you want to perform a really complete interpretation.

But the lines alone are already enough to give you an interesting insight into the personality and future of the person involved. You can examine both hands since they correspond to different things: the left hand corresponds to karma and destiny (the future), while the right hand reflects your current life (the present).

The lines are located in different areas of the hands. Experts call them “mounts” (small bumps).

The main 3 lines are:

  • the heart line,
  • the head line,
  • the life line.

Meaning of the main lines:



The heart line starts near the little finger and ends near the Mount of Saturn. This line represents emotional life and sensuality. If this line is curved and quite pronounced (or even doubled in size), this shows developed sensuality and a marked ability to love.

The head line starts between the thumb and the index finger. It goes down toward the Mount of Moon. It represents the intelligence and adaptability of the person in question. If it ends in a forked manner, it shows extremely developed intelligence. If it seems to be interlocked, this shows a volatile character. And if it appears near the life line, it means this person is extremely far-sighted and does not like taking risks.

The life line starts between the index finger and the thumb. It goes round the Mount of Venus and down toward the wrist. Its length corresponds to the lifespan: the longer the line, the longer the person will live (for more than 70 years if the line reaches the wrist, according to popular belief). But other elements can be deduced from it: if this line is double, it shows great vitality. Whether it is interlocked or discontinuous, it shows obstacles and frequent changes. If it is wavy, it may be a sign of physical fragility.

And here is a fourth line, one that is also important:

The luck line: it appears vertically at the center of the palm. It may be divided into several small folds, which is a sign of variable luck depending on the different stages in life. This line also reveals the extent of personal success: when it is very pronounced, it shows self-fulfillment, great social and professional success. When it is forked, this line shows a change in direction or profession for the person in question (the more this line is pronounced, the more these changes will be beneficial).

As you can see, you will always find interesting information by merely looking at the palm of your hand!