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Communicate with your Guardian Angel

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Communicate with your Guardian Angel

If you only knew what Angels are doing for us human beings! Like everyone else on this earth, you have a Guardian Angel watching over you and guiding you at all times. And to help you on your way to happiness, today I will teach you how you can speak with your Protector!

A prayer for your Guardian Angel

The most effective way to first make contact with your Guardian Angel is through prayer. It is better to do it late in the evening, when night has fallen. Look at the stars if you can, and look for the one that shines brighter than the others. If the sky is cloudy, just visualize a star shining bright. Focus on the star, the real one or in your imagination.

Then say a little prayer to the one who watches over you, asking him gently to listen to you and grant your heart’s desire. He will hear you, you can be sure about it, because it is constantly looking for ways to help you.

You need to know the name of your Guardian Angel

If you want to tighten the bond between you, you absolutely have to know his name. It works like a kind of key whenever you say it. When he hears his name, your Angel will pay particular attention to what you want to tell him.

Trust and faith are also very important. The more you believe in his existence, the more he will be able to help you in concrete terms. Talk to him frequently and you will get astonishing results!

These divine creatures are made of light and mystery. Provided that you respect them, they will always be there for you when times get rough.

You are connected to your Angel with Love.
Get closer to him and Happiness will ensue.