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The Element of Water in Astrology

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The Element of Water in Astrology

Among the various elements making up Western astrology, these four natural elements are extremely important: Earth, Fire, Air, Water.

The element of Water we will discuss here is the fourth one.

Which zodiac signs are connected to Water?

The element of Water is linked to 3 astrological signs:

  • Cancer,
  • Pisces
  • Scorpio

Water is associated with creativity, adaptability, free flow, and harmony with nature.

Characteristics of those born under the Element of Water

Those who were born under the Element of Water have great intuition. They can rely on their feelings – more than others. They are sometimes fragile – emotionally speaking – due to their extreme sensitivity.

Their intuitive side causes them to be often attracted by what is irrational, spiritual, and esoteric.

By virtue of their great imagination, their inner world is extremely vast. This may lead them to lose touch with reality, and the obligations entailed by their daily lives. They sometimes need to be “brought back down to earth”. They are extremely curious by nature and are interested in many things.

These emotional, dreamy people find it hard to express their emotions. They are quite often discreet – even shy. They need to learn how to overcome their fears in order to experience inner peace.

They are also charming people who sometimes have a hard time approaching the one they are attracted to – out of fear of being rejected.

But, when they love, they do so passionately, with care. They aim at building a lasting relationship based on mutual trust.