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How Feng Shui can help harmonize the family

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How Feng Shui can help harmonize the family

The family unit is a place brimming with complex energies that are at times contrary, and sometimes exacerbated. Feng Shui makes it possible to harmonize these vibrations to bring more gentleness into the family, creating a better and mutual understanding.

Use Feng Shui to favor happiness in the family  

To establish an atmosphere in the family that is conducive to positive energies, you need to apply Feng Shui principles as a priority in the rooms where you are active most of the time, i.e. in the living room, in the dining room and in the bathroom. Here is what you have to do and what you need to avoid doing in each of these rooms.

First of all, here is what you should not do! 

  • Don’t hang photographs of ancestors who are gone. This way, you will avoid the sadness caused by their absence. 
  • Rid these rooms of dried plants. 
  • The family zone being traditionally related to the Wood element, these rooms should be void of metallic objects or sharp-edged weapons because the metal cuts through the wood.

Then, give priority to the following ideas: 

  • Hang pictures of springtime or summertime landscapes. For instance, a lush forest, stretches of sunflowers, or fields of wheat…
  • On the table of your dining room table place a bowl filled with nice fruits and remove those that are not fresh anymore, every day. 
  • Two colors will bring plenitude into this zone: yellow and green. They will considerably influence your family destiny.

Feng Shui’s benefits for your family 

The Feng Shui precepts you will have put in place in your family environment will be able to bring you:

* A warm and positive atmosphere
* The development of a genuine sense of family 
* A positive and harmonious evolution in your family relationships
* The happiness of being together 
* The resolution of family conflicts