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Fire in Astrology

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Fire in Astrology

Among the various elements making up Western astrology, four natural elements are of the utmost significance: Earth, Fire, Water and Air.
It may be useful to better know who you are, and who those around you truly are. This article will look into the element of Fire.

What signs are influenced by Fire?

Fire is associated with 3 astrological signs:

  • Aries,
  • Leo,
  • Sagittarius.

Fire is a symbol of passion, action, motivation, and authority. Fire is an untamable source of energy, one that is synonymous with purification. Those who were born under the sign of Fire have a strong character, are daring, and like to be successful.

Characteristics of those born under the Element of Fire

Those who were born under the element of Fire are extremely open-minded, affable, and like to charm the people they talk to. They are always extremely enthusiastic and brimming with energy.

Fire endows them with a pleasant physical aspect, one that prompts the desire to talk to them. They like taking action, but they do not always realize how risky it might be.
They can sometimes be extremely immoderate, impetuous, and reckless. The least we can say is that they are not really diplomats who defuse the tension. Instead, they even sometimes add fuel to the fire because they like taking risks or merely provoking people.

They are very imaginative, and their minds are filled with ideas. They are extremely creative and thin-skinned people.
They find it hard to control their emotions and they may quickly explode with rage without caring about the potential consequences of their actions. Just like fire, they are capable of burning everything that might stand in their way down.

They are straightforward people who do not go in for subtleties. They say what they think. They hate people who are slow to react, and they may even sometimes show themselves to quite intolerant with them.

They are quite self-centered, but not to the core because they sometimes commiserate with people’s misery.
They need to dominate and are thirsty for conquests of all kinds. They can make huge efforts to reach their goals. They are extremely ambitious and have great projects in mind.

In their opinion, what matters above all is being independent. They find it hard to submit to some kind of authority or to respect any given order.

As far as health is concerned, their main weakness is their respiratory system, their heart, and their blood flow.