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How To Exercise Spiritually

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How To Exercise Spiritually

If you want to make progress, change your life and fulfill your desires, you need to work on both your mind and body because what impacts the mind impacts the body. But there is no need to perform complex physical exercises.

What kind of discipline?

The first solution is to practice discipline with a spiritual dimension such as yoga, relaxation, qi gong (a form of Chinese gymnastics), tai chi, or even martial arts such as judo or karate…

All these practices coming from the East are part of traditions, religions or self-help methods.

And for good reason: these Eastern practices do not distinguish between body and mind. They always put the emphasis on the interconnection between the two. In the West, here’s how we see things: what is good for your body is good for your mind, and the reverse is also true. These are the reasons why such practices have been developed.

As I said, all the Eastern practices incorporate the union of the body and the soul. So, whether you study the philosophy lying behind oriental traditions such as Buddhism or Hinduism, or whether you practice yoga or tai chi, you naturally put an exercise unifying both the mind and body into practice.

Practicing yoga can show you how the mind influences the body. If you are tense, you will find it hard to correctly perform the exercises.

But if you manage to relax, you become more supple. Your moves become more fluid and you derive more mental and bodily benefits from such a physical practice. Yoga makes it possible to improve the functioning of our organs and inner systems such as the immune system, blood flow, our breathing, our nervous system, and our brain.

Is exercising a spiritual practice?

Even though you may not be a keen spiritual practitioner, you can practice any physical activity you like and turn it into the foundation of your personal transformation to lead a better life and to a  better personal year.

So, whether you play soccer, rugby, tennis, whether you swim, go cycling, or do home improvements… Do it with a positive state of mind and you will derive spiritual benefits.

Not only will exercising help you to maintain your body and inner systems in a proper state, it will also enable you to burn calories, and stimulate the production of endorphins known as well-being hormones.

Entertain positive thoughts for yourself and humankind as a whole when you exercise.

Body and soul

Everything can become spiritual in life, including any physical activity. The key is the way you think when you exercise!

While you exercise, you secrete endorphins, which give you a sensation of well-being. As a result, you boost the abilities of your brain, which makes it possible for you to attain new levels of awareness and gain access to a new reality, one where you can make decisions more quickly.

So, every time you perform a spiritual activity and every time you exercise, make sure your state of mind is positive because, if it is, you will develop your body, your mind, and your soul at the same time.