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How can I know my Guardian Angel?

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How can I know my Guardian Angel?

You have already dreamed about knowing the name of your Guardian Angel, I’m sure. To learn more about the wonderful being watching over you and guiding your every step. To have him give you the answers to the many questions you are asking yourself… The world of the Angels is vast and mysterious, and I can help you find out its secrets.

The presence of the Angels is real

Most religion agrees that Guardian Angels do exist. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu, they all refer to these ephemeral but mighty beings in their religious texts.

Gabriel, one of the most important Angels in the Bible, is called Jibril in the Quran. In both religions, these divine messengers are tasked with being the herald of Judgment Day. But more than anything, in any culture where Angels are mentioned, they have the role of a guardian for human beings.

All the peoples agree that Guardian Angels wish to do good on Earth. They seek to guide human beings to keep them on the righteous path and help them find happiness.

In The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein, Theodore Roszak wrote:

“These are the eyes of the angels, they can see what lies deep in your heart”

The goodwill and wisdom of these celestial creatures have no limit. Each human being can trust the Angel protecting them, because he knows what is happening deep within their soul.

How can I contact my Angel?

Each human being has a very intimate and very personal connection to the Guardian Angel watching over them. However, not everyone is aware of that link, which means they might not always receive the celestial messages meant for them.

It is not always obvious to know how to speak to such fascinating and wonderful creatures. Sometimes you might feel that angels are not listening to you, or that they are acting on your behalf in convoluted ways. Fortunately, you absolutely can learn how to decipher their language and communicate with them!

My goal is to help you open your heart and mind to perceive what your Angel is trying to tell you. Knowing your Protector better (knowing his name, how to speak to him, etc.) will allow you to create a deeper and beneficial relationship with him.

With my help and the assistance of your personal Guardian Angel, your future will hold no secrets from you. He will guide your every step in order to lead you towards absolute happiness.