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Let’s Dance

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Dance and its benefits

Dancing can be a great method of self-development and can help build strong relations with others. But it can also be a wonderful activity for stimulating your body and soul. Here are a few tips to take full advantage of the benefits it can offer – even for your soul!

Dance in your family room or learn “ballroom dancing”!

Firstly, although we mean all forms of dance and ways of moving our bodies, when we talk about dance, we don’t mean doing it somewhere noisy, at night time, in a place where you can hardly speak, and where you come out half-deaf!
Of course, if you want, you can go to nightclubs to have fun but this is not how you will strengthen your body and even less so your mind and soul!
If you want to “kill two birds with one stone” and dance to tone your body, benefit from an active mind, and nurture a beautiful soul, I advise you to do it somewhere quiet and peaceful where the music is melodic and not aggressive and where you can dance at your own rhythm!
For this, dance in your living room or, even better, do some ballroom dancing, in other words join an association, a club, or some sort of specialist organization where you will find a teacher and dance partners.  
When we talk about dancing as a means of personal development, we don’t mean moving around in a disorganized way to any old music but learning a very precise technique and using it.
If you dance on your own to music that you may like but without any technique or specific movements, you will, of course, burn energy and tire yourself out but you won’t reap any other benefits!

So that dance is a means of improving yourself

Opt for dances that you can do with another person rather than solitary dances because this will help you to create, maintain, and develop friendly and sociable relationships united by a common passion!!  
The best thing is to find a teacher, whether for private lessons or group classes which are less expensive.
Always start by warming up, gradually building up the pace and remaining fluid in your movements.
After warming up, dance for an increasingly long period of time. Don’t start straight away with wild rhythms for hours on end. Avoid overdoing it because you may hurt yourself and/or get out of breath too quickly!
If you can, after a while, start to dance regularly for 30 to 45 minutes every two or three days. It will have a great effect on your body and your state of mind.
Dancing is a wonderful activity that can replace sport ensuring many benefits for the mind and body. Dancing is one of the winning combinations for a longer life.
When you dance regularly, you will remain in good health, have a toned and muscled body, and always be in a good mood. You will also open up your mind which will help you to spiritually elevate yourself.