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Meditation – a practice for the mind and the body

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Meditation – a practice for the mind and the body

Mediation allows you to elevate yourself spiritually, with an approach that combines both body and mind. Most types of meditation are based on focusing on a “tool”, which could be a thought, sentence, object, statue or any other representation.

Meditation, like prayer, is the practical part of religion or of a spiritual path. It enables you to calm your mind and elevate your level of consciousness, while also improving your living conditions.

Several types of meditation exist in both Western and Eastern spiritual traditions.

The basics of meditation

Meditation enables you to implement the teachings of a religion or spiritual path, and to check whether their essence and nature have truly been understood.

Meditation is generally motionless, in the sense that the body usually remains still. Nevertheless, some forms of meditation exist that include walking and therefore movement, but they are rare.

In most cases, meditation requires you to sit and calm your flow of thoughts by letting them pass through you without holding onto them. A tool can be used to help channel them.

This meditation tool can be psychological or physical. When it is psychological, it can be a thought or a mantra (sentence inciting meditation) to be repeated regularly or over and over again for a certain time.

When this meditation tool is physical, it can present itself in various different forms, like as a statue, a symbol, a geometric figure or any other object selected to support meditation.

The main goal is always, amongst others, to elevate yourself above the flow of usual thoughts, to rid yourself of stress and to control your emotions.

Reaching inner peace

Meditating is above all about seeking a great state of inner peace. It is about freeing yourself from blockages accumulated over time that prevent you from living the life you wish to live.

You could even say that meditation lets you tear away the veil of appearances and achieve a more accurate vision of the reality of things.

A clearer vision of things and a more astute vision of reality enable you to make decisions honestly, to make fewer mistakes and to overcome obstacles more easily.

Influence over mind and body

Science seized upon meditation long ago. Many scientific studies have proven its beneficial influence over mind and body, highlighting lots of benefits.

Indeed, the various techniques for meditation enable you to improve your brain function as well as increase your level of consciousness and build your self-confidence. It helps you to attract positive energy.

Meditation therefore lets you rid yourself of your limits and watch as positive vibrations of luck flow towards you.