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Saturn’s secrets

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Saturn’s secrets

It’s been known for a long time that the planets in our solar system exert an energy influence. Each planet first influences the zodiac sign associated to it, but also the other signs. Let’s look into Saturn’s action and deep meaning.

The Master of Karma

Several planets making up our solar systems are associated with individual karma, but Saturn is genuinely deemed to be the “master of karma”.

Saturn is related to Time, Experience, and Wisdom. It watches over our conscience and makes us aware of our responsibilities. The law of karma teaches us that each of our actions triggers consequences, whether they are positive or negative. They may not be noticeable right away but they will have an impact on our life sooner or later.

Accumulating negative karma often causes harm as the end of our life draws nearer, while accumulating positive karma (the result of our good deeds) ensures that we peacefully grow older. We always reap what we sow, such is Saturn’s message.

This planet is there to remind us that we need to act responsibly all the time. Saturn confronts us with our past and the consequences of our words and actions.

Time and wisdom

Saturn symbolizes the passing of time and the accumulation of experience and knowledge. Under its beneficial action, knowledge “grows”, turning into deep wisdom.

This planet is predominant as far as Capricorn and Aquarius are concerned, and the essential element that comes with it is the Earth. Saturn is associated with great age, and the time to take stock of your life.

Those who are strongly influenced by this planet are peaceful, ambitious, and lead a balanced life. Beneath that cold exterior there may lie great emotions and a lot of empathy toward their fellow human beings.

Saturn breathes strong but peaceful energy into those it influences. This energy prompts them to think, evolve, and forge ahead responsibly and serenely.