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Being self-aware is the key to having a good day!

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Being self-aware is the key to having a good day!

Waking up is the time of the day when you can sometimes feel most vulnerable. And yet, it is the best time to get ready to have a good day and avoid getting up on the wrong side of the ! Here’s how…

Step 1: Be aware of your entire body

One morning, when you have time to spare and can… take your time, before getting up, sit down comfortably in your bed with your back straight and try to feel each and every muscle in your body. Start with your feet, focus on them and clear your mind, so that your feet are the only thing left. Then move your awareness up along your body. Be aware! Now move up to your belly. Tuck it in and out several times in a row to help you be aware that in the center of your self, it is the receptacle of earthly food without which your life would not thrive. Then move up to your lungs. Breathe in and out, and focus on that motion that gives rhythm to nature and lets you receive air, celestial sustenance par excellence, without which your mind could not awaken.

Step 2: Be aware of your face

… and relax it! It might seem easy in principle, and yet it is the hardest part to perform. You will understand as soon as you focus on it. Start with your jaw, and you will see how tense it can be. Try to lessen that tension. Keep going with your forehead and relax it. Give yourself to it, and let go. Once it is down, calmly stand up and have some breakfast. If you followed this recipe conscientiously, your day will start in a very different way. You will look at life from another angle. You will even feel like a brand new person, and you will have a good day.