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Spring Equinox

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Meaning of the spring equinox

It happens once a year to mark the beginning of spring. It is the time when days and nights are equal. This event has a “twin brother”: the fall equinox. But what exactly happens during this special moment called the spring equinox?

A very specific astral event

The word “equinox” refers to an astronomical event that occurs twice a year and during which days and nights are equal in terms of hours.

Equinox comes from the Latin word “aequus” – which means “equal” – and “nox, noctis”, which means “night”. It is the time when days and nights are equal.

Since the Earth revolves around the Sun, its position changes every single day of the year. There are two essential moments in a year: the spring and fall equinoxes. That is when the Equinox sun is over the Earth’s equator. The two hemispheres are therefore identically lit by the sun, which is not the case for the rest of the year.

When an equinox takes place, days and night are the same, no matter where you are on this planet.

The spring equinox occurs between March 19 and March 21. It is also the official beginning of Spring in the Northern hemisphere.

Equinox, the celebration of a new cycle

Equinoxes are not just astral curiosities. They are heavy with meaning. First of all, they refer to one of the most important celebrations in Christian tradition: Easter. The Christ is celebrated on the Sunday that follows the first full moon after the spring equinox because he overcame death. It is the celebration of a victory: that of light over darkness.

According to tradition, the spring equinox is placed under the protection of the archangel Raphael, the bearer of hope.

The Spring equinox is the celebration of a new cycle: the new cycle of nature, of every human being. Spring is the time when plants are reborn, when temperatures become milder and when landscapes change, displaying vivid colors.

Nature is celebrating a new cycle and so should we! Since the energy of renewal is spreading all over the world, we should take advantage of it to regenerate ourselves.

Many traditions and rituals in relation to the Sprint equinox are performed all around the world: meditation, breathing exercises, communion with nature… Any of these practices can help you to purify your energy and give you a new impetus in life.

The Spring equinox is doubtlessly a rare astral event, one that occurs only once a year. But – most of all – it brings with it the opportunity to be aware of Springs’ arrival. We need to take advantage of its transformation energy to change our habits and, why not, put some aspects of our lives back on the right track.