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Secret meanings of the summer solstice

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Secret meanings of the summer solstice

Solstices are major events occurring twice a year: the summer and winter solstices. They are the opposite of (fall and spring) equinoxes and bring nice opportunities to mark important changes in our lives.

What happens when the summer solstice takes place?

The summer solstice marks the beginning of summer and the apogee of the sun’s positive energy. It is a day that should be taken into consideration, because it is a good opportunity to celebrate nature, warmth and abundance.

When equinoxes take place, daytime and nighttime are of the same duration. But when the summer solstice comes around, it is different: daylight reaches its peak. It is the longest day of the year and it comes knocking on our door on June 21 – this date may slightly change from one year to another.

The summer solstice marks the beginning of the astronomical summer, with everything it brings: warmth, sun and abundance.

It is the day when the sun finds itself at its closest to the Earth, contrary to the winter solstice when the sun is at its farthest from the Earth.

A long tradition replete with symbols…

This astral event has been celebrated for a very long time, probably since the dawn of time. Saint John’s feast belongs to the Christian tradition and is one of the most ancient celebrations related to this date, one that still occurs today. Saint John’s Eve is celebrated on June 24, the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist.

In many cultures, the summer solstice represents the uncontested celebration of the Sun and Light. When Saint John’s Feast takes place, tradition requires that bonfires be lit. In certain countries, people used to throw a burning wheel down the hill until it reached a lake or river. That was meant to celebrate the victory of the sun.

As I said, the longest day and the shortest night of the year occur on this date. As soon as the next day sees the sun rise, days begin to shorten.

As a symbol of summer, this solstice is the celebration of abundance, because nature, plants and herbs reach their peak. It is one of the reasons why plants with therapeutic properties have an increased power during this period.

Summer solstice – astral event

The summer solstice is placed under the protection of the archangel Uriel and associated with the planet Mercury and the color green.

Around this date, there is a kind of magic caused by the special energy of the sun which is at its peak in terms of power and beneficial influence.

You too will be able to attune yourself to this great energy by going out of your home and making the most of the sunlight, by celebrating, by connecting yourself to Mother Nature, by trying to take advantage of the positive aspects of your life, of the love you get from your near and dear. This way, you will fill your heart with joy.

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