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The path of the Angels that leads to Serenity

Inspirational quote

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If thou suffer injustice, console thyself ; the true unhappiness is in doing it. Democritus

Communicate with your Guardian Angel

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If you only knew what Angels are doing for us human beings! Like everyone else on this earth, you have a Guardian Angel watching over you and guiding you at all times. And to help you on your way to...

How Feng Shui can help harmonize the family

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The family unit is a place brimming with complex energies that are at times contrary, and sometimes exacerbated. Feng Shui makes it possible to harmonize these vibrations to bring more gentleness into the family, creating a better and mutual understanding....

Alchemy and the philosopher’s stone

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Originally, alchemy began as a “secret” science aiming to turn lead into gold, but today we know it represents much more than that. Its core principle is the search for what is called “the philosopher’s stone”. What is the “philosopher’s...