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Train yourself for happiness

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Life is not always complicated. We are the ones who – most often – make it complicated. Train yourself for happiness on a daily basis and happiness will come into your life. Only if you do that carefully, of course......

Inspirational quote

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The consequences of what we don't do are the most serious. Marcel Marien

Secret meanings of the summer solstice

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Solstices are major events occurring twice a year: the summer and winter solstices. They are the opposite of (fall and spring) equinoxes and bring nice opportunities to mark important changes in our lives. What happens when the summer solstice takes...

Aura and chakras

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In our Western society, having a healthy Aura is not the main priority of many people. By contrast, in countries such as India or Tibet, the Aura is paid as much attention to as the body when someone is suffering....

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