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Hypnosis: A way to get better?

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The hypnotic state is, in fact, a natural state which we slip in and out of every day. And several times a day.What is a hypnotic state?In practice, it is a state in which we’re not quite aware, nor are...

How to turn anything into a source of wonder

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Physical activity is the healthiest exercise for our well-being. It is a just compensation for our brain activity. It is also a wonderful way to be aware of your body and locate it within the magic of space.Being aware and...

Secret meanings of the summer solstice

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Solstices are major events occurring twice a year: the summer and winter solstices. They are the opposite of (fall and spring) equinoxes and bring nice opportunities to mark important changes in our lives.What happens when the summer solstice takes place?The...

Aura and chakras

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In our Western society, having a healthy Aura is not the main priority of many people. By contrast, in countries such as India or Tibet, the Aura is paid as much attention to as the body when someone is suffering.How...

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