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The Angel Number 2020

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Do you know what the Angels are telling you when you are seeing the Angel number 2020? Embrace it, as this number will bring you closer to achieving your life goals. Your Guardian Angel is speaking to you Number 2...

Should Friday the 13th be celebrated or feared?

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Some look forward to it in order to play the lottery. Others fear it so much that they do not do anything on that day. Is Friday the 13th an extremely lucky day or a negative day? Negative superstition Friday...

Be Happy Every Single Day

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One of the keys to happiness is to be happy as soon as you wake up. That’s how you can prevent misfortune from setting in and spreading its poison in your mind. Then, if you keep that state of mind...

Fall Equinox – meanings

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The Fall equinox corresponds to the specific astral event that sees the sun cross the equator. As a result, days and nights have the same duration. But what else happens on this very day?  A major date in the calendar...

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