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How to summon your Guardian Angel

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Angels, these mysterious divine beings, constantly watch over our lives in order to help and guide us. If you want to know true happiness and achieve your full potential, then you absolutely need to make a connection with your personal...

How to be fully aware in your life

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Noon is the time when the Sun reaches its zenith. Its blinding light is a symbol of full awareness. This is thus the time when you will have every chance to achieve the kind of “Awareness” I want to initiate...

Angel Advice: find happiness in simplicity

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The Advice I am about to give should not be taken lightly: taking care to seize every opportunity to appreciate your life is most likely one of the keys to happiness!Savor each moment of your lifeWe can remember pleasant little...

Inspirational quote

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You need to look at life with the eyes of a child...Henri Matisse

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