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The path of the Angels that leads to Serenity

Channeling Angels

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Many people attempt to channel angels for very different reasons. But what is it and how do you go about channeling Angels? Although it can take a little time and patience, anyone can do it, and it can be a...

The Angel Number 000

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When you see repeating numbers, whether single digits or sequences, it is surely a sign from the Angels. Widely known as Angel Numbers, they appear to us as a support, a form of guidance and knowledge. There is no limit...

Benefits of a Spiritual Detox

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Most people spend more and more time locked in closed spaces, with little or no direct contact with nature, which makes it increasingly important to re-energize with the help of a spiritual detox. Time for a Spiritual Detox? When you...

Ariel, Nature’s Archangel

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The Archangel Ariel is the patron angel of Nature and of all the natural elements. Ariel, meaning “Lion of God”, oversees the protection and healing of plants and animals, but also of the elements, such as water, air, fire, and...

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