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The Third Eye’s Powers

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The third eye is an invisible eye... to the naked eye! It is an inner eye located between the eyebrows. It is also called "the eye of the soul" or the "eye of knowledge". It makes it possible to gain...

What is the Sixth Sense?

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The sixth sense is the ultimate sense, the one that transcends all others. It makes it possible to instantly grasp the meaning of life and to see beyond the material appearances restricting our usual understanding of the universe and of...

Earth in Astrology

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In Western astrology, there is something extremely important – the four natural elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Knowing this can prove to be useful if you want to better understand who you are and the personality of those around...

Uranus, the planet of change

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The planets making up our solar system exert an energy-giving influence. This has been known for a long time. Each planet influences the zodiac sign linked to it, but also other signs. Uranus is the planet of change par excellence,...

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