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Alchemy and the philosopher’s stone

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Originally, alchemy began as a “secret” science aiming to turn lead into gold, but today we know it represents much more than that. Its core principle is the search for what is called “the philosopher’s stone”. What is the “philosopher’s...

Secrets of chiromancy: meaning of palm lines

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For centuries, fortune tellers have been using chiromancy to predict the future. Those who accept to have the lines of their hands examined are often surprised by the accuracy of the revelations. You too can easily learn to interpret what...

Yoga, ancestral practice

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You can hear about Yoga everywhere, but what does that practice entail, exactly? For some, it is physical exercise. For others, it is meant to relax. In reality, it is much more than this. What is Yoga? Yoga practice originates...

Being self-aware is the key to having a good day!

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Waking up is the time of the day when you can sometimes feel most vulnerable. And yet, it is the best time to get ready to have a good day and avoid getting up on the wrong side of the...

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