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Dowsing and Its Practical Applications

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 Dowsing has always been the subject of controversy. People long refused to believe that “invisible waves” could make a rod or a pendulum move. But far from disappearing over time, this practice has endured. Today, it continues to attract new...

Yoga Poses

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If you have never practiced yoga, you may have a little trouble imagining exactly how a yoga session proceeds, and what it can bring you in concrete terms. This article will shed some light on the subject. What are Poses?...

Circle Powers

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All shapes (circles, squares, triangles...) emit vibrations that influence our environment, our bodies and our minds. The circle is one of the most symbolic shapes in the spiritual world and one of the most useful in the material world. Understanding...

The Angels and Colors

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When attempting to connect with the Angels, the most common and widely used method is through prayer. However, there are other ways of facilitating the connection with Angels, such as through meditation. One other possibility is to use colors. How...

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